Muay Thai, BJJ, Kickboxing, MMA, Self-Defense & Fitness for Women 
1800 Lakewood Rd, #4, Toms River, NJ 08755 ~ (732) 503-9744

Owner/Head trainer:

Prairie Rugilo known at Girl Fight, as "Kru" (head teacher) 

NJ Martial Arts Hall of Famer & former Muay Thai Champ

As a child, Prairie studied Tae Kwon Do. At the age of 20, she was looking to lose weight and that is when she began training in Boxing and Judo, at the Brick Police Athletic League. At 22, she was introduced to Muay Thai kickboxing and fell in love with the art. She dedicated everyday to Muay Thai and was awarded her Black Armband in 2004. Her dedication landed her a position, as a Program Director/Asst. Instructor, in Toms River's 1st Muay Thai school, Vichai Academy. Through the years, Kru Prairie has trained alongside many fighters & trainers, which inspired her to want her own school. 2009 - opened America's 1st all-female Martial Arts & Fitness school, Girl Fight.

2012 - became the 1st NJ female to win a Title fight at MSG & was inducted into the NJ Martial Arts Hall of Fame, as Muay Thai fighter of the year. 2013 - became a licensed Inspector & Judge for the NJ State Athletic Commission. 2016 - received PAL of the Year award from Brick PAL & 

Congressional recognition for the Girl Fight program. 

Why an "All-Female" school? 

I started GIRL FIGHT, because I wanted to offer a comfortable & inspiring place for women to train in Martial Arts. I have been training in Martial Arts for nearly a decade and in almost every school I have attended the students were mostly men.  Personally, I enjoy training with the guys. Unfortunately, this is not the opinion of 90% of women out there.  

While I know many women who would love to take a real kickboxing or MMA class, most of them will never do it for numerous reasons: they're afraid of getting hurt, maybe they?re self conscious about training in a room full of men, their husband doesn't want them training with guys, they don?t have a friend to take the class with?. the list goes on and on.

So, what were those women left with Cardio kickboxing. I'm not mocking, it's a great program to burn fat, get in shape and learn the motions of punching and kicking. But, I believe it gives women a false sense of self-defense and in today's world, it is so important for women to know a real form of self-defense. As for burning fat and getting in shape that will come naturally when training in the Martial Arts. I promise!  

Whether you're a woman interested in getting in shape, learning a Martial Art or a female fighter looking for female sparring partners GIRL FIGHT is the place for you!!  

Martial Arts has changed my life in such a positive way; physically and mentally. It's taught me to believe in myself and it often gives me the strength to push on when life gets tough. Plus, its great for stress management!

Come take a class you deserve it!

I look forward to training with you,

Kru (teacher) Prairie Rugilo

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